Functional Specifications

Defining and documenting what you want to achieve

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Detailed analysis of your requirement

Properly define your requirements

Over our 21+ years we have been asked to assist in projects which have failed to deliver up to expectations, or in some instances, have failed to deliver anything at all. In many instances this has been a complete lack of a detailed functional specification. The programming team have had to imagine what was required and inevitably delivered something the client was not expecting.

By analysing and documenting the requirement you are able to confirm and understand what is being asked for. Often this process also identifies shortcomings in the brief or better methods to achieve your goals. The final document then provides a far more accurate base on which to develop, but also to cost your project. This leads to timescales being more accurately set and an overall higher quality of delivery.

In the event that you have started a project that is looking at risk, and where, perhaps there is not detailed specification. We are able to write the specification and then perform a gap analysis to see where you currently are an identify the most efficient way to get to where you want to be.

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