Search Engine Optimisation

The process of getting noticed

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Search Engine Optimisation

Putting you in control

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of getting search engines like Google to recognise and position your pages as high as possible in their search results to potentially gain you more visitors. Optimisation start with understanding what your potential prospects and customers might search for in order to find your website. This is called Keyword Research and includes checking the volume of searches carried out for the particular word or phrase. The next step is to ensure your website and its content is optimised for these keywords. To assist in this process we have a series of tools which can be added to your site and put you in complete control.

You can use these tools to check your ‘optimisation level’ and be provided with hints to help you further increasing your ranking. Our clients have found this approach to be most effective as it also encourages continual review of the site content and keeping the site fresh encourages better ranking and more visitors.

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