Fully Implemented GDPR

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Fully Implemented GDPR

For organisations who can’t be distracted for the core business and need a service to analyse internal data usage, set in place the necessary policies and processes and fully implement as well as training staff. No matter what size your organisation, we are able to offer a bespoke service to address all aspects of GDPR and data protection/security policies.

Our approach is similar to the framework used by our GDPR Consultancy service but is augmented by workshops and staff training to ensure that when implemented, your organisation maintains a safe and secure data policy.

Our GDPR Implementation framework is based on the following structure but amended to meet the exact needs of your organisation:

  • Auditing and understanding all of the data which an organisation currently has and collects
  • Mapping where the data comes from, who has access to it and where it is stored
  • Providing understanding as to whether it is needed and how long it should be kept
  • Putting in place processes for maintaining data storing it as well as processing it in a legally compliant manner
  • Defining processes to identify specific data in the event of a Subject Access Request (SAR).
  • Defining processes to remove data in the event of a Right to be forgotten request
  • Managing backups, long term storage and retrieval
  • Developing a Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy
  • Implementation across internal systems
  • Staff Training
  • Ongoing auditing
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