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A bespoke service to meet your needs

GDPR has scared many organisations into losing sight of their business goals whilst trying to implement secure and compliant data management practices. The reality is that by applying best practice to data management can and does improve business efficiency.

Typically businesses have built data stores across the their organisations and the time to consolidate and understand what they have is long overdue, in this sense GDPR is a great opportunity. However, most organisations do not have the internal knowledge, skills or experience to plough through the organisation to reach a complete and compliant strategy.

At WebAppz, we have helped many organisations through both data privacy and GDPR processes as well as helping them understand the power that up to date data can bring to the business. We tailor our delivery to meet the precise needs of the organisation, but basically we follow a tried and tested framework of:

  • Auditing and understanding all of the data which an organisation currently has and collects
  • Mapping where the data comes from, who has access to it and where it is stored
  • Providing understanding as to whether it is needed and how long it should be kept
  • Putting in place processes for maintaining data storing it as well as processing it in a legally compliant manner
  • Defining processes to identify specific data in the event of a Subject Access Request (SAR).
  • Defining processes to remove data in the event of a Right to be forgotten request
  • Managing backups, long term storage and retrieval
  • Developing a Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy

In today’s online environment the volume of data is believed to double every 90 days, we provide the knowledge, tools and expertise to organisations to enable them to understand the data held within their silos, give it context and deliver it to the right person at the right time, simply put, to help organisations turn data into knowledge.

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