Building an online trading platform and taking payments

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Seamlessly connect to your customers

E-commerce or selling online can take many forms and is applicable to organisations selling either products or services. It can minimise the costs of doing business, extend your reach as well as working outside normal working hours. The benefits of online trading are well established but there are considerations in deciding on the way to operate and the most effective solution. Some of those considerations include:

  • What products / services to sell
  • Who to sell to – The target market
  • How will payments be taken
  • How will products / services be delivered
  • Will stock need to be managed
  • How will potential customers find the store
  • Will it be secure and GDPR compliant
  • What taxes are involved

We have extensive experience in building e-commerce sites selling products, services and online deliverables (downloads) both in free and paid for models. We can interface with a host of payment service providers for credit cards, PayPal and even crypto currencies like Bitcoin. Our online shops have ranged from small bespoke boutiques handling a small range of products to large enterprises selling thousands of ranges across hundreds of categories.

So What’s Next?

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