Data Security

Ensuring your data is collected, processed and stored in a legal and secure manner, keeping you and your customers' data safe.

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Data Security

Ensuring the best security practices

Keeping data safe requires a holistic view across an organisation. It starts with understanding what information you are collecting, how you collect it and why. Then how you store and process it, who has access to it, whether you will pass it on to anyone else and ultimately how long you keep in and how it will be destroyed. There are other considerations with the latest GDPR regulations which cover finding the data in the event of a search and potentially correcting or deleting it as a result.

Data security should therefore be thought of as both the management of data as well as its security. When considering security a large element is encryption and this should cover both data in transit and data at rest (in storage). We have developed a large number of secure systems and processes for our clients, to find out more, get in touch.

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