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Complete online learning

What is Tiller School?

Tiller is one of the leading suppliers of Royal Yachting Association correspondence courses. We operate on a worldwide basis in a very specialist and competitive market.

What we looked for

Our requirement was to drive our business more aggressively through an attractive professional replacement for our original website. WebAppz not only met our requirements but went some way beyond our initial ideas. Like most users our ideas changed as we understood what could be achieved. WebAppz's approach easily handled the necessary bespoke coding that this required and at a reasonable price too! Support is excellent and we are generally extremely pleased with our decision to go with WebAppz. Our business now depends on the website for much of its marketing, sales and administration. A major extension later in 2005 has given us a heavily used customer support facility.

What WebAppz has meant to us

We chose WebAppz after quite a prolonged evaluation. The choice boiled down to a 'customised standard package' or WebAppz's approach of building a site for us using existing code when they had it. This has paid off in the sense that we have a very nice fast website that now goes way beyond the original specification. Using a more formalised package might have been easier in the early stages but would not have given us such a comprehensive set of capabilities. We only understood how important this is to our business with hindsight. WebAppz have provided us with a robust and reliable website that is easy to use. They keep to their delivery dates and prices. It is probably not a coincidence that our business expanded significantly soon after the site went live.

Andy Thomson, Principal, Tiller School

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