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What is Tennis Jeannie?

Tennis Jeannie is a Personal Assistant for tennis players. Like all good PA's Jeannie is intelligent, efficient and very reliable. Jeannie is a fun loving, modern lady with attitude. Tennis Clubs use Jeannie to organise tournaments and members are able to use Jeannie to arrange their matches. Players inform Jeannie of the dates and times they would like to play tennis; Jeannie knows the availability of the player's opponents and is therefore able to setup players' tournament matches. Players can also use Tennis Jeannie to organise social tennis games.

What WebAppz Provided

A marketing agency was used to create the Tennis Jeannie brand and style guide. WebAppz provides the technology to make Tennis Jeannie a reality. Webappz actively participated in reviews to define workflows and the user interface. Application software and the database were designed based on the output from these design processes. WebAppz also host the Tennis Jeannie website and provide a full support package.

Why WebAppz

It was clear from the outset that WebAppz brought a holistic business approach to the project rather than just a technology solution. WebAppz were never frightened to challenge our requirements and bring to the table their invaluable experience and knowledge of what makes a web business successful. We found numerous web developers who have excellent technical skills who would have been able to deliver the website we specified; WebAppz delivered the web business we needed

Stephen Murphy, Director, Jeannie Ltd

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