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Who are CSL Developments?

We specialise in the development of on-line label verification systems and delivering a service second to none in preventative maintenance of production line equipment within the food industry. We have many blue chip clients including Arla Foods and Bostik and therefore have built a reputation of which we are both proud and protective.

What We Looked For:

When we decided it was time to redevelop our website, we wanted to work with a company that could take us along a defined roadmap of developments and not lock us into something which could not grow with us. We felt it was important to work with an organisation who would understand our business and be able to make suggestions as to how we could take advantage of the digital world. We set ourselves very high standards for customer service with our client base and it was important that we find a supplier who could match that.

Why WebAppz

We were impressed from the first meeting, WebAppz clearly saw this as a long term partnership and made many suggestions of how we could take a cautious and stepped approach to reach our ultimate goals. This offered us two distinct advantages, 1) keeping costs down and 2) allowing us to test the market with each new development so we could gauge the acceptance levels from our own customer base. We have been very impressed with both the skill and integrity of WebAppz and believe we could not have made a better choice.

Richard Clark, Managing Director, CSL Developments

So What’s Next?

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