Evolution of the web

The first generation of websites tended to be academic or factual websites, created by those looking to share and pass on knowledge. Then came company sites where the focus shifted to advertorial. It is hardly surprising as even 25 + years ago, the cost of developing a website compared very favourably with the cost of producing a printed brochure and the website could be updated and allow feedback from readers.

As technology moved on, so came the first e-commerce sites and the web really started to blossom and gain traction. As the users grew exponentially so did the content and with that came advances in the technology behind websites and the interaction they could then offer.

Many of our customers we individuals starting a new company and wanting an initial website to promote their offering, but lockdown seems to have changed that. More and more organisations have had to adapt quickly to remote working and find new ways to interact with their customers and suppliers. Is it that the current way is to develop and adapt websites into useful tools that can transact business with customers beyond the e-commerce shop?

For years we have been doing just that, evaluating the business processes that run organisations and mapping them into an online model. It used to be larger and more technology aware businesses, but over the last year that seems to have changed and the more agile businesses of tomorrow, those that spot the shortcomings of a market and have the will to adapt are embracing all that the best of the web has to offer. These companies will be the survivors and key players of tomorrow.

If you would like to be part of the next revolution and understand how the web can be used to extend your business rather than just support it, get in touch, we are always ready to chat and discuss who is feasible. Click here to get in touch.

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Monday, 26 February 2024

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